Is PS5 Pro launching in September 2023?

The rumors surrounding the release of the PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro) console continue to circulate. According to sources, the PlayStation 5 Pro is set to be released in September of this year. This is a departure from earlier rumors which claimed that the new version of the PlayStation 5 would be released in April. The latest prediction is based on the launch history of the previous generation console, the PlayStation 4/PS4 (2013). Three years after the release of the PS4, Sony announced the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in September 2016. This year marks three years since the release of the PS5 in 2020, which is why some rumors predict that Sony will use the same schedule to release their new console this year, which could be the PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim, or even both.

There have been leaks about the PS5 Pro since last year. According to Insider Gaming, the latest Sony console will have hardware almost identical to the PS5 that is already on the market. From the rumors that have been circulating, one of the differences is the external part of the console. The PS5 Pro is rumored to have a new feature, a detachable disk drive. This new feature can be connected to the PS5 using an additional USB-C port at the back of the console. This portable disk drive is said to not damage the aesthetics of the PS5, but instead, make it look more "natural". Speaking of aesthetics, the presence of this portable disk drive has the potential to make the PS5 console look slimmer. The weight of the PS5 is also rumored to become lighter. If the detachable disk drive is damaged, users can simply buy a new one, without having to buy a whole new console.

In addition to the external parts, the internal parts of the console are also rumored to be getting attention from Sony. Tez2, an insider at Rockstar Games (developer of Grand Theft Auto/GTA), who has leaked information about GTA games in the past, claims that the PS5 Pro will bring many improvements compared to the regular PS5. However, Tez2 did not provide any details about these improvements. Other rumors suggest that the PS5 Pro will be equipped with a better cooling system and will also feature an AMD APU with RDNA3 architecture.

Overall, the release of the PS5 Pro is highly anticipated by gamers and enthusiasts alike. With new features and improved hardware, the PS5 Pro promises to take the gaming experience to the next level. However, once Sony makes an official announcement, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the next-generation console market.

According to sources, the PS5 Pro will be released in September of this year, with a larger storage capacity of 2 TB, allowing users to download even more games than the standard PS5 model. Sony is also reportedly preparing to launch two new wireless accessories, the "Project Nomad" earbuds and "Voyager" wireless headset for the PS5, both of which are expected to be released alongside the PS5 Pro.

The Project Nomad earbuds are rumored to have a battery life of up to 5 hours, similar to Apple's AirPods. When the battery runs out, users can easily recharge them using a USB-C cable connected to the PS5 console. Meanwhile, the Voyager wireless headset is said to have similar capabilities to the Inzone H7 headset, including 360-degree spatial audio technology and fast charging. The headset is expected to be included with the PS5, ensuring compatibility.

It should be noted that all the previously mentioned specifications are still based on rumors and leaks, and may be subject to change or inaccuracies. So far, Sony has not made any official statements regarding the existence of the PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim, as well as the two new accessories, Project Nomad and Voyager. However, gamers and fans alike are eagerly anticipating any news regarding the upcoming release of the PS5 Pro and its accompanying accessories.

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